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Dutch TV news item on Chaos Computer Club, Paradiso 1988

In this new item journalist Jan van Loenen discusses with Steffen Wernery, member of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), several ‘hacks’ that happened at the end of the 1980’s. The CCC hacked the Deutsche Bank and wired 134.000 Deutsch Mark in one night into their account and showed the hack to the press the following morning while transferring the money back. The hack of a Philips computer in Paris is discussed, upon which Steffen Wernery was detained in a French prison for 2 months without the accusation being proven. And the hack of anonymous hackers into the NASA system upon which the CCC assisted in solving potential problems both for the NASA and for the anonymous hackers as well. The core of the CCC story is that computers and networks are not safe and that people should realise this. During the Chaos Info Show in Paradiso in 1988 Wernery, Wau Holland and Bernd Fix discussed their practices with the Dutch audience. At the occasion a Dutch translation of the CCC Hacker Bible was handed to professor Franken and professor Herschberg from Delft University of Technology.