Researcher and designer focusing on the implications of technology on society.

Designing experience: moment, stage, memory

Open Set, dutch graphic design  summer school

26.07 — 08.08.2015  Rotterdam

The Dutch Graphic Design Summer School Open Set is a two-week intensive series of workshops, lectures and studio visits emphasizing on the interaction between noted Dutch and International graphic designers and artists. Our goal is to promote and enhance the social value of design by facilitating debates around the chosen theme from a rich diversity of perspectives, design trends and traditions, and cross-disciplinary cultural practices. The event aims to offer international participants a studio environment where they are inspired to step out of their comfort zone and question the conventional ways of working, experiment with different strategies, techniques, ideas and cross-sector collaborations in order to develop their own practices with confidence.

During the summer school I give a workshop, in collaboration with Max Bruinsma. After working on Presence and the Design of Trust, using the YUTPA framework, we will explore orchestrations of 2D to 5D design in trajectories of social change. Max Bruinsma will present the visual essay he created for the book Design for the Good Society, after which we will try out the 2D-5D Design Matrix for the first time.

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