Researcher and designer focusing on the implications of technology on society.

Synchronizing performances for Planetary Experience

Workshop: Zwarts & Jansma, Bid Olympics 2028

In a series of 4 workshops new infratstructure is explored to possibly organize the Olympics in 2028 in the Netherlands, 100 years after the frist Olympics took place in Amsterdam in 1928. Leading concept is to invent new infrastructures which will benefit the Netherlands, its spatial, ecological and social landscape, before and after.

In my contribution I propose to excellerate on the concept of the Olympic games themeselves. Focus on social inclusion, using social networks, smart textiles and materials, to connect thousands of local playing fields all over the world to partake with and ‘through’ their heroes in the Olympic games. In such a concept new infrastructures focus to facalitate physical connections in distributed centeredness accelerating the concept of mediated architecture.