Researcher and designer focusing on the implications of technology on society.

Samizdat in the Technological Jungle

The Centre for Culture, Media and Governance at Jamia Millia Islamia, university in Delhi (, organized a seminar on media governance just after the Internet Governance Forum had taken place in Hyderabad in december 2008. Dynamics of media governance. In my presentation I argue that audiences (human beings, who are citizens, consumers and producers) develop SAMIZDAT COMPETENCES to be able to understand their environment to be able to express themselves and move towards their own well-being and survival.

Journalists, artists, designers and other media makers develop ‘tactical behaviour’ to be able to make their work. Media-makers have to consciously move through the media-landscape to be able to finance and produce their work. They consciously ‘format’ what they want to show and tell. Doing so they also move towards their own well being and survival. Companies take cultural and political contexts into account in so far as they influence business and the potential making profit, which guarantees the well being and survival of the company. As long as employees of the companies contribute to the set targets of the company, they work towards their own well being and survival. Policymakers: politicians and administrators are faced with complex dynamics between the local, the regional, the national and the global.¬†Having to make compromises all the time, having to adopt to new waves of political rule, the steering towards well being and survival results in safeguarding positions in the governance landscape.

Download presentation here: 2008 JMI Nevejan sem